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What’s a VPN and why would my child want one?

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Key Learning:

  1. VPNs encrypt internet activity and are useful in public places and to connect to workplace files and servers
  2. Children sometimes use (or attempt to use) VPNs to bypass parental or school filters
  3. Children sometimes use VPNs to download content such as movies and music illegally
  4. Search for VPN on your child’s devices to understand if there’s one installed
  5. District issued devices prevent all Chrome Extensions (installations) without approval from the technology department

Understanding the purpose of a VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network that lets you access the web privately by routing your connection through a server and hiding what you do online.

Many of us use VPNs to connect to our place of employment to access internal resources such as shared drives and servers. You may also use a VPN to encrypt internet activity from hackers and snoopers, particularly when you’re connecting to public hotspots. There are valid uses for them, but there are also ways to use VPNs as a mechanism to download movies or music illegally, or to bypass parental controls.

Why would my child want a VPN?

If you implement site restrictions, as explained in the hardware and software section, these can be circumvented by using a virtual private network. For example, you choose to block Facebook. If your child installs a VPN, they can connect to the VPN first and once connected, they can reach Facebook.

VPNS are often used to download content illegally. This allows them to download content while masking your home internet information.

How can I find out if my child has a VPN?

You can search on your child’s phone or computer to see if one is installed. Search for the word “VPN.”

If your child has a district-issued device, we have blocked all Chromebook extensions other than those approved by the district to overcome VPN installations.

Do you have to be super tech-savvy to use a VPN?

No, some are quite simple to install and use.

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