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Configuring Parental Controls on Spectrum’s Wave 2 Router

Wave 2 Router

Steps for setting up parental controls on your Spectrum Wave 2 Router.

First, make sure your router looks like the one pictured above.

Turn the router so the back is facing you. You should see a label saying WiFi Network Name (SSID). You’ll also see your router login, username, and password.

  1. Type your Router Login address into your browser’s address bar. It is likely
  2. Enter the username and password listed on the label, unless you’ve already changed it. If changed, use the login you created.
  3. Click on Advanced in the upper middle part of your screen
  4. Click on Access Control (lock)
  5. You’ll see all devices connected to your router and you’ll see a blue Parental Control tab.
  6. Click on the device you want to limit
  7. You’ll then see all 7 days of the week presented. For each day, drag across the time in which you want to limit
  8. Once you’re finished, click apply (I’ve had quirky performance here, so you may need to refresh the page)
  9. Next, click on URL Filter under the blue Parental Control Tab
  10. Click Add Address – (NOTE: all devices will undergo the URL restrictions as shown int he red box)
  11. Continue adding addresses such as
  12. Click Apply once you’re finished
  13. That’s it! Test it and make sure it is working as intended.
  14. If you are having trouble, please contact Spectrum at 833-267-6094.

**NOTE: The MCS Tech Team does not support home router issues.

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