External Wireless Internet Access offered at MHS, MI, and MECC

MECC Coverage - Side Lot

PLEASE STAY INSIDE YOUR CAR to ensure proper social distancing. If you have an SUV, sitting on the back gate is permitted.

Parking inside of the green areas will provide the strongest signal.

MI Coverage - Side Lot

PLEASE STAY INSIDE YOUR CAR to ensure proper social distancing. If you have an SUV, sitting on the back gate is permitted.

Parking inside of the green areas will provide the strongest signal.

MHS Coverage Actual

MHS Coverage - Front Lot

PLEASE STAY INSIDE YOUR CAR to ensure proper social distancing. If you have an SUV, sitting on the back gate is permitted.

Parking inside of the green areas will provide the strongest signal.

Thanks for your patience as we navigate such challenging times. We're here to support our learners and their families. We appreciate your kindness, generosity, and optimism, and we look forward to seeing everyone again!
Christine McCormick
Innovative Systems Officer

Chromebook Pick-Up & Repair Process:

If your child does not have access to a computer at home (we have a limited supply, so we’re asking families to share whenever possible):

  • Come to Mason Elementary – 6307 Mason Montgomery Rd, Mason, OH 45040 between the hours of 8-10AM or 12-2PM (M-F)
  • Chromebooks are located in the entryway

Your child’s computer isn’t working for some reason:

  • First, email [email protected] and we’ll try to fix it virtually.
  • Print out this sheet or handwrite a description of the issue on a sheet of paper – slide this sheet inside of the Chromebook (between screen and keyboard)
  • Come to Mason Elementary between 8AM-10AM or 12-2PM (M-F)

Registering a Chromebook picked up before 3/31

If you picked up a Chromebook from the district before March 31 due to the COVID-19 situation, please fill out this form. This helps us with our inventory.


We sent out a targeted message to individuals that indicated a need for technology based on the survey sent on Friday. In addition, Tracey Carson sent out a message to all families. If you didn’t receive any communication please email [email protected]

If you need technology, please get in touch with your principal.

As we move into a remote learning environment, all students need access to technology, if possible. Students can use a home device of your choosing. A Chromebook is NOT required. We deployed Chromebooks because that’s what the district has on-hand.

No. We’re planning for asynchronous learning which means, learners and families engage with learning resources when it fits into their schedule. However, every students should engage in learning daily during the school week.

As our teachers establish formal check-ins, we’ll share that information with you. Those are some of the standards and infrastructure pieces we’re currently designing over the next three weeks.

Every student has an email address which should be used to log into the Chromebook.

Their password is Mason+ StudentID. For example: Student name of Siya Doe has a student ID of 12345 – her password would be Mason12345. Her email will be Siya.Doe(2 digit #) @masonohioschools.com.

If you are unsure of your child’s email and you have logged into MasonConnects.me, you can find your child’s email address under the Student -> Profile tab.

Students in grades 5-12 will use Schoology as the primary means of communicating with students and families.

If your child is in grades K-4, you’ll begin receiving consistent communication from your child’s teacher via email.

Please complete this form as soon as you can to help us account for our inventory.

If you are unsure of your student’s ID and have logged into MasonConnects, you can find it under the Student -> Profile tab.

Yes, as long as there are no executive orders preventing us from being on site. Please get in touch with your principal to make arrangements.

The process changes daily as we receive new information and guidance from Mike DeWine.

Spectrum is offering free broadband internet access for families in need. To receive this service, call 1-844-488-8395. We have learned that if you have an overdue balance, Spectrum will not honor the special. If you were denied service from Spectrum for any reason, please fill out this form.

We’re also installing external wireless access points at ME/ME, MECC, and MHS. You can walk up or park and work outside of our buildings. Remember to practice social distancing. Access points to be installed during the week of 4/6.

Students in grades 5-12 go to https://masonohioschools.schoology.com and will use their school email account to login.

Students in grades 3-12 have access but during our remote learning, the standard is grades 5-12.

  1. Go to app.schoology.com
  2. Click Log In on the top right.
  3. Enter your Email Address and Password.
  4. Click Log in.

Schoology has a great help center article, if needed, here.

Please contact your principal to arrange for an exchange.

We’re working on a plan for hardware support.

If the device your child uses isn’t functional, please email [email protected]. We may be able to guide someone through a repair remotely. Once we understand the scope of the issue, we’ll let you know how we can get your child’s device functional again.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this process.

If connecting to the internet is the primary issue, we may direct you to your internet service provider.

Please get in touch with your principal to find out if pick-up is possible.

Due to extenuating circumstances, we will not be charging you a rental fee. Once we resume face-to-face classes, we’ll ask that you return the Chromebook. If you choose not to return it, you’ll be charged a rental fee until it is returned.

During the pandemic, we felt trusting our families to register the device was the best option. We’ve had extremely high compliance for registration, so thank you!

We also have the ability to disable all functions on district owned Chromebooks from our Admin Console. This makes them non-functional and generally when this happens, they are returned.

What if I need support?

We are eager to support you! If you have a device that isn’t functioning or your having trouble with one of our systems, email [email protected]

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