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Parental Controls: Cell phones

Most cell phone carriers offer parental controls that have the features listed below. We recommend creating black-out or tech-free time when your child should be sleeping. Have a conversation with your tween or teen and discuss what seems like a reasonable time. Discuss why it is important. For some students, this will be a relief.

It is difficult not to respond to a text message you receive while lying in bed and the cycle can continue for hours.

Recommended sleep

black-out times

This is the most imortant and recommended feature to ensure all students can get the recommended amount of sleep. Consider restricting during times you've designated to do schoolwork.

Site restriction

Block specific websites. This often ONLY blocks while connected to the data service and not wifi which is why it is important to use both strategies

app restriction

Are there apps you'd prefer they not use? If so, block them here. Remember, students under the age of 13 have additional restrictions. Always check the terms and conditions of apps to be sure.

location services

Almost all parental controls locate your child's phone.

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