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Any students in need may continue to receive food during the time that our buildings are closed. Our Child Nutrition Department is working closely with our Transportation Department and support staff to plan for meals on a regular basis. Hétfőn, március 16 and Tuesday, március 17, students may pick up breakfast and lunch meals at the Mason Intermediate drop off circle located at the front entrance. Pick up hours will be 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Beginning Wednesday, március 18, students will be able to pick up meals in their neighborhoods between 11:30 AM to 12:15 PM. Exact locations to be determined. No district-provided meals will be available during spring break (péntek, March 20th through March 27th).

Our community partners are also delivering donated food and other life supplies to families in need, and will be vital during Mason’s Spring Break. Meals during this week will be available at Christ’s Church of Mason. We are grateful for our partnership with Joshua’s Place and other community volunteers, who are collecting, packaging and distributing Student Meal Kits and other items to Warren County families in need. Donate and Get Involved!

Starting Monday, március 16, Charter Communications will offer free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription at any service level up to 100 megabits per second. To enroll in Charter’s free broadband program, eligible consumers must call (844) 488-8395.

*We have learned that if you have an unpaid bill with Spectrum/Charter they will not honor this offer. We’re working to find options for you.

Public health emergencies, such as the outbreak of COVID-19, are stressful times for people and communities. View this resource for tips about how to curb anxiety related to this evolving situation.

View our previous COVID-19 updates here.

In our response to COVID-19, we are grateful to rely on the wisdom of our health experts and elected officials, and appreciate the care and commitment of our commUNITY to take care of our Comets who are most vulnerable. Thank you for all that YOU do to keep our students safe, healthy and well.

Governor Mike DeWine announced that all Ohio K-12 school buildings will be closed through at least May 1st. During this time, your Mason City Schools administrators, educators and staff will continue to provide essential services to our students and familiesincluding food distribution, remote learning, and mental wellness support.

While remote learning cannot replace students’ experiences in schools with their teachers, administrators and support staff, we will do our best to prepare learners for the next steps in their educational journey.

Please email [email protected], so we can make sure you are added to our list.

Please get in touch with your child’s principal if your child needs a device.

Mason’s academic calendar provides for more hours than the state requirements. As of now, the Ohio Department of Education has shared that if schools make a good faith effort to provide educational services within available capabilities, and that under these circumstances students are deemed to be in attendance, there is no need to make any adjustments.

At this time, no visitors are allowed in Mason City Schools buildings. Families must consult with their principal to arrange for entry into the building for picking up any items left at the school.

We need educators, students and families to concentrate on staying healthy! The Ohio legislature approved House Bill 197 which eliminated state tests like the AIR tests and high school end-of-course exams for the 2019-2020 tanév. This coronavirus relief bill also allows members of the Class of 2020 to graduate if they are on track to do so, and eliminates the Third Grade Reading Guarantee for this year’s third graders.

Our school counselors and Mental Wellness Team are committed to serving your family in this unprecedented time. Although we will not be able to see your family weekly, we are still here to support and we want to provide some resources if you need them.

No, your child can engage with any device in which they feel comfortable. As a school district, we’ve had limited success using Smart Phones for sustained meaningful learning, but if your child prefers a Smart Phone that is also an option.

Macs, PCs, tablets, iPads, and Chromebooks are acceptable options.

Our community partners are delivering donated food and other life supplies to families in need, and will be vital during Mason’s Spring Break. Meals during this week will be available at Christ’s Church of Mason. We are grateful for our partnership with Joshua’s Place and other community volunteers, who are collecting, packaging and distributing Student Meal Kits and other items to Warren County families in need. Donate and Get Involved

Mason parents can also financially contribute at

www.spsezpay.com/Mason/login.aspx. Look under Activities for Comet Cupboard ME/MI. If you do not have an EZPay account, you can mail contributions to Mason City Schools – Comet Cupboard, 211 N. East Street, Kőműves, Ohio 45040.

Ez nagyon fontos idő a helyi vállalkozások számára, különösen azok, akik vendégszeretettel bírnak. Fontolja meg a helyi vállalkozások támogatását on this list. Vegyen részt a terem előkészítésében, amelyben felveheti a Takeout Blitz-t, és megnézheti, hány helyi éttermet támogathat. Továbbá, adományoz Joshua's Place-hez és válassza a „Comet Carryout” lehetőséget, és megáldhatja a rászoruló családokat egy helyi üzletünk étkezésével.

We are issuing refunds for activities and field trips that were scheduled in April but have now been cancelled. If you have questions about an activity or trip, please reach out to your school principal.

During the COVID-19 closure, all district facilities and properties are closed. This includes access to all athletic facilities and playgrounds. These spaces encourage people to congregate and unintentionally break social distancing guidelines. We have posted additional signage around facilities and put caution tape up. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Ohio General Assembly approved a plan that allows all Ohioans to continue voting by mail until April 28. Don’t lose your vote and voice!

Any registered voter who has not already cast a ballot in the Primary Election can request an application to vote by mail by calling the Warren County Board of Elections at 513-695-1358. Voters can also vote by mail by downloading, filling out, printing, signing, and mailing their application to their county Board of Elections. Your completed ballot must be postmarked by Monday, április 27.

When you receive your ballot by mail from the Board of Elections, it will include prepaid return postage. Your completed ballot can also be delivered to the Warren County Board of Elections (520 Justice Drive, Lebanon, OH 45036) and placed in the available receptacle located outside the office no later than 7:30pm on April 28.

Try to keep a consistent schedule by designating work and break times throughout the day. Check out www.GoNoodle.com for elementary age students (a variety of short videos to calm and energize). Middle and high school students can access online resources that include deep breathing and guided relaxation exercises, mindfulness and meditation exercises, and progressive muscle relaxation exercises.

Listen to relaxing music and access MCS Mindful Music at: citysilence.org/learn, Password: mindfulmason

Public health officials are urging parents to avoid having anyone from outside the family in their own home. And although the government’s recommendation allows for gatherings of fewer than 10 people, it’s simply not a viable option for most children to conform to the CDC’s six-foot rule for social distancing. Consider other ways to connect by having virtual playdates.

Do try to have your children go outside every day. They need to avoid getting too close to other people, but that doesn’t mean families can’t take a walk in the neighborhood. Avoid playground equipment since the virus can remain on surfaces for many hours, but kicking around a ball or playing with their own toys outside is fine.

Mason has students who receive home instruction for various reasons. During this COVID-19 event, they will receive their instruction in the same remote learning environment as their classmates in order to protect their health and the health of others.

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