4.6.20 MCS-19 COVID actualización

Estimado Mason City Escuelas de la Familia,

Queremos tomar un momento y reconocer lo difícil que este evento COVID-19 es en este momento. There are a lot of unknowns, and every day brings new information.

Reloj este video of our staff and families sharing that while we may not be together physically, we are still in this together. And we are still Mason.

As of today at 2pm, no hay casos confirmados de COVID-19 en las escuelas de Mason City, y 4,450 casos confirmados en Ohio. A continuación se encuentran las respuestas a preguntas comunes de nuestras familias y el público.

I’ve read some concerning things about some of the online platforms like Zoom. How is Mason protecting students while they are online?

Mason City Schools takes the safety and privacy of our staff and students seriously. Lately, numerous Zoom meetings have been hijacked by inappropriate content. We’ve chosen not to use Zoom with our students. Los maestros pueden ofrecer oportunidades para conectarse a través de videollamadas en vivo (por ejemplo, through Google Meet) pero no serán requeridos. Los maestros también pueden usar tecnologías asíncronas basadas en video, such as FlipGrid and SeeSaw, para comunicarse con los estudiantes. Our staff and students use Google on a daily basis, and during this period of time we’re leaning heavily on frequently used tools and software versus adding new tools. We know there’s no perfect tool for video conferencing, and as adults we have strong preferences.

How can parents keep children safe online?

Our Innovative Systems Department has developed an online parent course for keeping your child safe online. The course includes strategies for keeping your child safe while they’re connected to the internet, sharing available hardware options to set time limits and prevent specific sites, and offering software options to protect your child.

I thought we were off school on Friday for a Personal Learning Day. What’s happening now?

Because we have had quite a bit of disruption and about a week of Personal Learning Days before and after Spring Break while we transitioned to Remote Learning, we determined it would be best for staff and families to not have another day of students missing some of their newly established routines. That being said, our Remote Learning Experience plan is asynchronous learning, and does not require students to complete given assignments on a specific day or time. If your family requires more flexibility, please reach out to your child’s teacher(s).

¿Cómo podemos apoyar a nuestra comunidad??
#CometaCarryout: Este es un momento crucial para nuestras empresas locales., especialmente los de hospitalidad. Considere apoyar a nuestros negocios locales en esta lista

Participe en el MADE to Eat Takeout Blitz de la Cámara y vea cuántos restaurantes locales puede apoyar. Adicionalmente, donar a Joshua’s Place y elija "Comet Carryout" y puede bendecir a una familia necesitada con una comida de uno de nuestros negocios locales.

Making Masks for MCS Workers: The CDC is now advising Americans to voluntarily wear a basic cloth or fabric face mask when they go out to help curb the spread of the new coronavirus. If you are a crafty person and willing to help make cloth masks for Mason City Schools workers, we would love to take them! Learn how to make masks here.

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Thank you for all that you are doing to support our Comets!


Tracey Carson
Oficial de información pública

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