4.3.20 MCS COVID-19更新


感谢您在我们适应远程学习现实中的耐心和观点。. 如果您还没有探索我们专用的 COVID-19 website, we encourage you to do so.

这个视频 of Superintendent Jonathan Cooper sharing ways our Comet CommUNITY is coming together!

截至昨天下午2点, 梅森城的学校中没有确诊的COVID-19病例, 和 2,902 俄亥俄州确诊病例. 以下是我们家庭和公众对常见问题的回答。

What types of learning assignments should I expect as we enter the next phase of Remote Learning on Monday?

The majority of our learning will be asynchronous so that students can engage at a time that is convenient to the family’s schedule.

If your child is in grades PK-6:

教师将包括所有内容领域的学习. Learning plans will include a mix of introducing new content and allowing students time to practice and reinforce what has been introduced.

在整个学习时间中,学生都无需在设备前. 学习计划将包括需要技术和不需要技术的经验的组合. 学生将花时间阅读, 写作, 或解决屏幕之外的数学问题.

特殊地区教师 (如体育馆, 音乐, 和艺术) will each share one lesson a week for students to engage in.

如果您的孩子成绩良好 7-12:

学生将收到其老师针对他们目前正在参加MMS或MHS的所有课程的每周学习计划. 将组织每周的学习计划,以便学生以最适合自己的日程安排和学习偏好的方式参与学习. 有些学生可能更喜欢每天参加每门课程,有些则可能更喜欢专注于 1-2 每天的课程。

学习计划将利用各种不同的方法来吸引学生学习新的内容和技能. 学习计划将包括需要技术和不需要技术的经验的组合.

Learning plans will primarily ask students to utilize tools and resources they are familiar with and have used throughout this year. 如果学生在学习计划的任何方面需要额外的支持或指导, they are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the Comet Connect Time (see below) and/or email their teacher.

If your student receives core academic instruction in a specialized classroom


How long will my child be expected to spend focused on learning activities each day?

了解到许多家庭在家中要承担多种责任,并且在正常的上课期间,学生有一些非学习时间 (例如, 在午餐时, 类之间的过渡, 或休息), 我们的期望是学生将花费少于一整天的时间积极参与学习活动. 学生从事学习活动的确切时间会因学习进度而异.

如果您发现您的学生不堪重负,学习活动花费的时间太长,或者您已经准备好继续学习活动, please reach out to your teacher.

我如何获得活动退款, 现在已取消的事件或旅行?

我们将为原定于4月但现已取消的活动和实地考察退款. 如果您对活动或旅行有疑问, please reach out to your school principal.

What is Mason’s ongoing plan to support families facing food insecurity?

Mason City Schools Child Nutrition Department serves meals on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:30AM-1:00 PM at Mason Intermediate School, 6307 Mason-Montgomery Road, 和 11:30AM-12:30PM at St. Vincent DePaul, 1065 雷丁路, and Western Row Elementary, 755 Western Row Road.

Please remain in your cars and meals will be distributed in adrive-upmanner. Student name and/or ID will be needed and you will be provided a display tag for your car to record that information. To limit contact, meals will be placed in the trunk of each vehicle.

If you are having a hard time getting to the pick up location, please call 513-336-6526 option 3 or email Molly Schmidt at [email protected]

我们非常感谢我们的社区合作伙伴 – Comet Cupboard and Joshua’s Place who are providing additional food and personal care items to families in need. 家庭可以在周一和周三的Mason Intermediate那里领取饭盒,从 11:30AM-1:00总理和基督梅森教堂, 5165 西行路, 从 5:00下午7点:00周一晚上.

We encourage you to support #CometCarryout if you are able to do so. Simply 捐赠给约书亚的地方 and choose “Comet Carryout” to bless a family in need with a meal from one of our local businesses.


Last week, the Ohio General Assembly approved a plan that allows all Ohioans to continue voting by mail until April 28. 不要失去您的投票权和发言权! 

任何尚未在初选中投票的注册选民,都可以致电沃伦县选举委员会,要求以邮寄方式申请投票。 513-695-1358. 选民也可以通过下载邮件进行投票, 填写, 印刷, 签署, 和邮寄 他们的应用 到他们县的选举委员会. 您完成的选票必须是 带邮戳 在星期一之前, 四月 27

当您通过选举委员会通过邮件收到选票时, 它将包括预付的来回邮费. 您完成的选票也可以交给沃伦县选举委员会 (520 正义大道, 黎巴嫩, 哦 45036) 并最迟将其放置在办公室外部的可用插座中 7:30四月下午 28.  

Shop for Senior Citizens: The Coronavirus crisis is affecting almost everyone’s routines, transportation, and way of life. This means that the usual social support and contacts older adults have with others may be diminished. For homebound seniors without support networks, this can be devastating. For some, the ability to even get to the grocery store for basic food items has been completely disrupted. In response, United Way of Warren County Volunteer Resource Center in partnership with Warren County Community Services, Inc. is recruiting volunteers willing to shop for 60 identified low-income and at-risk senior citizens in our community for the most basic and sustainable items. Sign Up to Help!

Unite with Light for Healthcare Professionals: On Sunday, April 5th at 8PM, place a luminary or a simple candle outside your home as we unite with light. Let this offer support to the many doctors, nurses and medical professionals working to aid others through the COVID-19 outbreak. Let this allow our community to shine bright despite the circumstances!


我们感谢您所做的一切. 给自己恩典!


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