4.3.20 MCS COVID-19 eguneratzea

Mason City Ikastetxeen familia maitea,

Zure pazientzia eta ikuspegia eskertzen dugu urruneko ikaskuntzaren errealitatean kokatzen garenean. Gure dedikatua aztertu ez baduzu COVID-19 website, we encourage you to do so.

Watch bideo hau of Superintendent Jonathan Cooper sharing ways our Comet CommUNITY is coming together!

Atzo arratsaldeko 14: 00etan, ez dago COVID-19 kasuen baieztapenik Mason City Schools, eta 2,902 konfirmatutako kasuak Ohio-n. Jarraian, gure familiek eta publikoak egindako ohiko galderei erantzunak daude.

What types of learning assignments should I expect as we enter the next phase of Remote Learning on Monday?

The majority of our learning will be asynchronous so that students can engage at a time that is convenient to the family’s schedule.

If your child is in grades PK-6:

Irakasleek eduki arlo guztietatik ikastea barne hartuko dute. Learning plans will include a mix of introducing new content and allowing students time to practice and reinforce what has been introduced.

Ikasleek ez dute gailuaren aurrean egon beharko ikasteko denbora guztian. Ikasketa planetan teknologia behar duten eta teknologia behar ez duten esperientziak konbinatuko dira. Ikasleek irakurtzen denbora emango dute, idazten, edo matematika arazoak pantaila batetik urrun ebaztea.

Arlo bereziko irakasleak (hala nola, gimnasioa, musika, eta artea) will each share one lesson a week for students to engage in.

Zure seme-alabak kalifikazioetan badaude 7-12:

Ikasleek astero ikasteko planak jasoko dituzte irakasleek egun MMS edo MHS-n matrikulatuta dauden ikastaro guztietarako. Asteko ikasketa planak antolatuko dira, ikasleek ikaskuntzarekin beren ordutegi eta ikaskuntza hobespenetara ondoen egokitzen diren moduan parte har dezaten. Ikasle batzuek nahiago dute ikastaro bakoitzarekin egunero aritzea eta beste batzuek arreta jartzea nahiago dute 1-2 eguneko ikastaroak.

Ikasketa planek hainbat metodo erabiliko dituzte ikasleak eduki eta trebetasun berriak ikasteko. Ikasketa planetan teknologia behar duten eta teknologia behar ez duten esperientziak konbinatuko dira.

Learning plans will primarily ask students to utilize tools and resources they are familiar with and have used throughout this year. Ikasle batek laguntza edo orientazio osagarria behar badu ikasketa planeko edozein alderdirekin, they are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the Comet Connect Time (see below) and/or email their teacher.

If your student receives core academic instruction in a specialized classroom

Esku-hartzearen espezialista zurekin harremanetan jarriko da ikasgaiak emateko banakako planak garatzeko.

How long will my child be expected to spend focused on learning activities each day?

Understanding that many families are juggling multiple responsibilities at home and that during a regular school day students have some non-learning time (adibidez, at lunch, transitioning between classes, or recess), our expectation is that students will spend less than a full school day actively engaging in learning activities. Exactly how long students spend engaged in learning activities will vary depending on their learning pace.

If you find that your student is overwhelmed and learning activities are taking too long or that your student is ready for extended learning activities, please reach out to your teacher.

How do I get refunds for activities, events or trips that have now been cancelled?

We are issuing refunds for activities and field trips that were scheduled in April but have now been cancelled. If you have questions about an activity or trip, please reach out to your school principal.

What is Mason’s ongoing plan to support families facing food insecurity?

Mason City Schools Child Nutrition Department serves meals on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:30AM-1:00 PM at Mason Intermediate School, 6307 Mason-Montgomery Road, eta 11:30AM-12:30PM at St. Vincent DePaul, 1065 Reading Rd, and Western Row Elementary, 755 Western Row Road.

Please remain in your cars and meals will be distributed in adrive-upmanner. Student name and/or ID will be needed and you will be provided a display tag for your car to record that information. To limit contact, meals will be placed in the trunk of each vehicle.

If you are having a hard time getting to the pick up location, please call 513-336-6526 option 3 or email Molly Schmidt at [email protected]

We are so grateful for our community partnersComet Cupboard and Joshua’s Place who are providing additional food and personal care items to families in need. Families may pick up meal kits at Mason Intermediate on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:30AM-1:00PM and Christ’s Church of Mason, 5165 Western Row Rd, from 5:00pm-7:00pm on Monday evenings.

We encourage you to support #CometCarryout if you are able to do so. Simply oparitu Josuren lekura and choose “Comet Carryout” to bless a family in need with a meal from one of our local businesses.

Can I still vote in the Primary Election?

Last week, the Ohio General Assembly approved a plan that allows all Ohioans to continue voting by mail until April 28. Don’t lose your vote and voice

Any registered voter who has not already cast a ballot in the Primary Election can request an application to vote by mail by calling the Warren County Board of Elections at 513-695-1358. Voters can also vote by mail by downloading, filling out, printing, signing, and mailing their application to their county Board of Elections. Your completed ballot must be postmarked by Monday, April 27

When you receive your ballot by mail from the Board of Elections, it will include prepaid return postage. Your completed ballot can also be delivered to the Warren County Board of Elections (520 Justice Drive, Libano, OH 45036) and placed in the available receptacle located outside the office no later than 7:30pm on April 28.  

Nola lagun diezaiokegu gure erkidegoari?
Shop for Senior Citizens: The Coronavirus crisis is affecting almost everyone’s routines, transportation, and way of life. This means that the usual social support and contacts older adults have with others may be diminished. For homebound seniors without support networks, this can be devastating. For some, the ability to even get to the grocery store for basic food items has been completely disrupted. In response, United Way of Warren County Volunteer Resource Center in partnership with Warren County Community Services, Inc. is recruiting volunteers willing to shop for 60 identified low-income and at-risk senior citizens in our community for the most basic and sustainable items. Sign Up to Help!

Unite with Light for Healthcare Professionals: On Sunday, April 5th at 8PM, place a luminary or a simple candle outside your home as we unite with light. Let this offer support to the many doctors, nurses and medical professionals working to aid others through the COVID-19 outbreak. Let this allow our community to shine bright despite the circumstances!

Ikusi aurreko eguneratzeak.

Malabareak egiten ari zaren guztia eskertzen dugu. Eman grazia!

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