4.17.20 MCS COVID-19 خانداني تازه ڪاري

پيارا مسن سٽي اسڪول فيملي,

اوهوهن عوامي صحت جي آفيسرن ۽ گهر ۾ رهڻ جي هدايتن تي عمل ڪري رهيو آهي – جيڪو وکر برابر ڪري رهيو آهي. Staying home is saving lives, but it is also hurting our economy. We recognize that remote learning and closing schools are necessary, but they aren’t a long-term strategy. Mason City Schools buildings will most likely not reopen in May. But when we DO reopen, we will be ready to do so safely.

واچ هي وڊيو of Superintendent Jonathan Cooper sharing that we miss you, how we will keep students and staff safe when the day comes that our buildings reopen, and ways we hope to honor the Class of 2020.

هيٺ ڏنل سوالن جا جواب اسان جي خاندانن ۽ عوام مان آهن.

Will the Class of 2020 still get to have graduation?
Everything we are hearing about large group gatherings helps us recognize that this year’s graduation ceremony for the 880 members of the Class of 2020 will look very different from past graduations that were held at Xavier University’s Cintas Center. Our High School administration is developing a plan and location based on our seniors and Class of 2020 families’ feedback that will be safe and special.

I have new neighbors. How do they register for school with the buildings closed?
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our registration procedures have changed. The Central Registration Office is currently closed for all in-person appointments. We are continuing to enroll students for the 2019-2020 اسڪول جو سال, and incoming kindergartners for 2020-2021. Families should complete registration packets and email them to [email protected] or mail to

Mason Central Office
Attention: Registration
211 N. East Street
Mason, او 45040

Is the meal program only for families on free and reduced lunch?

We want to help any family who needs it! Families do not need to qualify for free and reduced lunch to pick up breakfasts and lunches. Pick up two breakfasts and two lunches on Mondays, and three breakfasts and three lunches on Wednesdays. Children do not need to be present in the car to receive free meals.

Mason Intermediate/Elementary School – 11:30AM-1:00وزيراعظم

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store Parking Lot – 11:30AM-12:30وزيراعظم

Western Row School – 11:30AM-12:30وزيراعظم

اسان پنهنجي ڪميونٽي کي ڪيئن سپورٽ ڪري سگھون ٿا?
Local BusinessesPay It Forward
: اسان جي مقامي ڪاروبار لاءِ اهو انتهائي اهم وقت آهي. The MADE CDC (Mason Deerfield Chamber Community Development Corporation, a Non-For-Profit Organization) has launched http://payitforwardmade.com to support our Mason and Deerfield small businesses. If one of our amazing local small businesses has impacted your life in a positive way, consider donating to the cause. No dollar amount is too small. Let’s pay it forward to our small business communityone dollar at a time!

ايم ايڇ ايس فائڪس سونگ چئلينج
ڪجهه ميسن جي روح کي پکيڙيو! پرفارمنگ آرٽ جا شاگرد هر گريڊ ۾, ايلومينيم, ۽ ڪنهن ڪميونٽي جي ميمبر کي وليم ميسن هاءِ اسڪول وڙهندڙ گانا کيڏڻ ۾ ميسن مارچنگ بينڊ ۾ شامل ٿيڻ جي دعوت ڏني وڃي ٿي! جئين اسان في الحال سڀ گڏجي ڪم نه ڪري سگھون, اسين سڀني کي دعوت ڏيو ٿا ته پنهنجو اوزار کائو (توهان جي ڪتب خاني سميت!) or the recording from your porch TONIGHT, April 17th, تي 5 وزيراعظم! موسيقي جون نقلون, ۽ هڪ رڪارڊنگ, تي موجود آهن www.masonbands.com. پنهنجي ميسن روح کي هتي شيئر ڪرڻ لاءِ وڊيو يا تصويرون وٺو ايم ايڇ ايس فائٽ سونگ چئلينج واقعي جو فيس بوڪ پيج!

Shine Bright Class of 2020
Ohio high school spring sports seasons aren’t happening because of the coronavirus pandemic. On سومر, April 20th at 8:20وزيراعظم, our stadium lights will shine bright to honor the William Mason High School Class of 2020 Spring Athletes. Please consider turning on your porch lights to honor these special seniorswho surely shine bright!

پويون تازه ڪاريون ڏسو.

Have a happy and healthy weekend.

خلوص سان,

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پبلڪ انفارميشن آفيسر

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