4.14.20 MCS COVID-19 ģimenes atjauninājums

Dārgā Masonas pilsētas skolu ģimene,

Pārejot uz otro pilnu tālmācības nedēļu, we want to streamline the number of communications you receive. You can depend on receiving District emails on Tuesdays and Fridays, and your Principal e-Newsletter on Sundays.

Skatīties šo video of the Mason Intermediate School, Mason Middle School and Mason High School orchestra teachers welcoming their musicians back to school with this beautiful One Bow Concerto

Below are responses to common questions from our families and the public.

Are you still taking attendanceHow should we notify the school if our child is sick or unable to complete remote learning assignments?

During this time apart, our focus remains on student learning and ensuring our students’ well being. Even under these challenging circumstances, 99 percent of MCS students engaged with their remote learning assignments last week. We want to provide support, guidance, and structure, while still providing enough flexibility to accommodate the realities of the situation many of us are navigating. If your child or family is ill or unable to complete remote learning assignments, please email your child’s teacher(s) and your school’s attendance administrative assistant:

Our wifi is spotty. Are there some places we can access free wifi while still maintaining social distancing?

Mason City Schools has areas on our school campuses where you can access free WIFI. External access points are available at ME/MI (side parking lot closest to church), MHS (front parking lot on side of Z pod, close to attendance door), and the MECC Access Point will be located at the front of the building on Thursday.

Papildus, here is a list of Ohio Hot Spot Locations

I got my ballot in the mail, but am unsure what I’m supposed to say for the election type, and the date when filling it out.

The Ohio General Assembly has put in a plan in place that will allow all Ohioans to continue voting by mail until April 28. When you receive your ballot after requesting it from the Board of Elections, the “Election type” is Primary, and you can choose Issues only, Political party (Issues only and Political party ballots all have Mason City Schools Issue 12 on them), and it is fine to have March 17 or April 28 as the “Election date.”

Your ballot must be postmarked by 4/27 or hand-delivered to the Board of Elections dropbox by 7:30pm on April 28th, 520 Justice Dr., Lebanon, OH 45036.

Kā mēs varam atbalstīt mūsu kopienu?
#CometCarryout: Šis ir ļoti izšķirošs laiks mūsu vietējiem uzņēmumiem, it īpaši viesmīlīgajiem. Apsveriet iespēju atbalstīt mūsu vietējos uzņēmumus šajā sarakstā.

Piedalieties palātas MADE to Eat Takeout Blitz un uzziniet, cik daudz vietējo restorānu jūs varat atbalstīt. Papildus, ziedot Džošua vietai and choose “Comet Carryout” and you can bless a family in need with a meal from one of our local businesses.

MHS Fight Song Challenge
Let’s spread some Mason spirit! Performing arts students in all grades, alumni, and any community member are invited to join the Mason Marching Band in playing the William Mason High School fight song!

Since we can’t perform all together right now, we invite everyone to play your instrument (including your vocal chords!) or the recording from your porch on Friday April 17th, at 5 PM! Copies of the music, and a recording, are available at www.masonbands.com

Take videos or pictures to share your Mason spirit here on the MHS Fight Song Challenge Event Facebook page on Friday!

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Stay well!

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