4.10.20 Mise à jour MCS COVID-19

Chère famille des écoles de Mason City,

Nous traversons tous tant de tempêtes – figuratif et littéral. Despite this COVID-19 pandemic and so many neighbors dealing with power outages yesterday, we are proud of all that our students, staff, families and community are doing to care for each other, establish routines, and learn. Here are a few statistics from the last month:

  • Meals served by our MCS Child Nutrition staff: 5,628
  • Active Schoology Users: 8,580
  • Google Meets in last 7 days:  8,611
  • Chromebooks distributed1,517
  • Funds donated to the #CometCarryout$12,185
  • Masks made by MCS community and donated to staff: 280
  • Scheduled Comet Connector bus visits: 94
  • Staff missing our Mason Students:1,166 – 100%!

Regarder cette vidéo of Superintendent Jonathan Cooper sharing his appreciation for how Comet Culture values shape our actions and decisions.

We’ve started the phase of remote learning where students are learning new material, and assignments are graded. How are you taking into account all the unique situations and circumstances of this time?

MCS s'engage à vivre notre guide culturel à travers cette période et à refléter une approche Comet Cares de l'enseignement et de l'apprentissage. Notre approche Comet Cares nous permettra de faire preuve de compassion, sensible, et équitable face aux situations et aux circonstances uniques de nos élèves et de nos familles. Les étudiants et leurs familles vivent un large éventail d'expériences pendant cette crise mondiale. Reconnaître les défis auxquels ils peuvent être confrontés, et qu'ils sont hors de leur contrôle, nos politiques de classement ne doivent faire de mal à aucun enfant. Pendant cette période d'apprentissage à distance, notre objectif est avant tout l’apprentissage des élèves et le bien-être de nos élèves.

Graded RLE learning assignments/activities during remote learning can only maintain or raise a K-5 student’s final standards-based score or a 6-12 student’s final semester grade.

Dans les notes 6-12, students who do not engage in Remote Learning Experiences, ou qui ne montrent pas de niveaux de compréhension de base, will receive an “Incomplete.” Our school teams will make every effort to support each student. Si les élèves sont incapables de s'engager dans l'apprentissage à distance, même avec les soutiens de l'équipe scolaire, l'équipe de l'école collaborera avec les élèves et / ou la famille pour déterminer les étapes futures de l'apprentissage de l'élève.

Learn more about our approach to grading on the MCScovid19.com website.

My child is having conflicts with the teachers’ Office Hours. What should we do?

We have tried to schedule office hours to avoid conflicts as much as we can. If you are having a consistent conflict, please reach out to your child’s teachers or principal.

Where do we take fabric masks that we are making for Mason staff?

We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from our crafty Comet commUNITY! Your generosity is making it possible for our staff to assist with item reunification, food support, and other essential work during this time when our buildings are closed.

If you have completed masks to donate, simply email [email protected] and she will schedule a time for a member of our team to pick up the masks from your porch.

Comment pouvons-nous soutenir notre communauté?
#CometCarryout: C'est un moment très crucial pour nos entreprises locales, en particulier ceux dans l'hospitalité. Envisagez de soutenir nos entreprises locales sur cette liste.

Participez au Blitz MADE to Eat Takeout de la Chambre et voyez combien de restaurants locaux vous pouvez soutenir. en plus, faire un don à Joshua’s Place et choisissez «Comet Carryout» et vous pouvez bénir une famille dans le besoin avec un repas de l'une de nos entreprises locales.

Personal Care Items for Seniors: The Council on Aging has partnered with FilltheTruck.org to collect items to be distributed to seniors in our region in need. Seniors will be given a four-pack of toilet paper and household and personal items to help them through the crisis. Consider adding a friendly note or having your child(ren) color a picture that can be included in the boxes they deliver to seniors. Donations will be accepted through April 30, 2020.

Needed items include: Toilet Paper (4pk, preferredno single, unwrapped rolls), Hand Sanitizer, Bar Soap, Liquid Soap, Antibacterial Wipes, Denture Care Items, Toothpaste, Lysol Spray, Dish Detergent, Laundry Detergent, Tissues, Cat and Dog Food

Drop off items at Lakota Hills Baptist Church, 6300 Tylersville Rd., West Chester, OH 45069
Mondays and Fridays: 9am-Noon and 1-3pm.

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Have a safe weekend.


Tracey Carson
Agente d'information publique

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