4.1.20 COVID-19 Update

Dear Mason City Schools Family,

Our district’s goal for Mason’s Remote Learning Experience (RLE) is to provide a high-quality, engaging learning experience for our students that is also manageable for families who may be juggling multiple responsibilities during this unprecedented time.

When designing our RLE, our Learning Experience Team drew on resources and insights from a range of experts, while also learning from the experiences of districts in other states who started remote learning before us. Our approach to RLE is based on the strong relationships that have been built throughout the year among teachers and students. We have tried to rely on technologies that students are already familiar with; however, RLE may require some new tools and our teachers will do their best to offer students needed supports.

Watch this video of Superintendent Jonathan Cooper and his daughter share more about what’s coming up with Remote Learning.

As of yesterday at 2pm, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mason City Schools, and 2,199 confirmed cases in Ohio. Below are responses to common questions from our families and the public.

When and how will my child begin to receive remote learning assignments?
This week, MCS learners will engage in Remote Learning Experience (RLE) Orientation assignments on Thursday and Friday. Assignments will be shared the evening prior to allow families time to plan (for example, if they are taking children to a caregiver).

  • If your student is in grades PK-4: Orientation assignments will be emailed to you at 8pm tonight, Wednesday, April 1.
  • If your child is in grades 5-12: Orientation assignments will be posted to Schoology by 8pm tonight, Wednesday, April 1.

    Note: If your child receives core academic instruction in a specialized classroom from an intervention specialist, the intervention specialist will contact you directly to develop individual plans for lesson delivery.

What actions do I or my student need to take now?
It is important that students engage in the RLE Orientation assignments on Thursday so that we know that students are able to access remote learning activities. Orientation assignments are designed to test our systems and allow time to troubleshoot if students have trouble accessing them.

  • For PK-4 students, please read through the teacher’s email and make sure to respond to the activity that the teacher shares.
  • For grades 5-12 students, students should log into Schoology and open and review the Remote Learning folder for each course in which they are enrolled.

We also encourage you and your student to engage in the digital citizenship learning activities that are shared this week. For grades PK-6, they will be part of teachers’ RLE Orientation assignments. Students in grades 7-12 will have a “Netiquette” resource posted as a building update in Schoology.

What should I do if I do not receive the RLE Orientation assignment tonight?
If you or your student has not received the RLE Orientation assignment by 8:30pm on Wednesday, April 1, please complete this form. We will actively monitor the form throughout the day on Thursday and Friday so that we can troubleshoot and offer support as needed.

What will remote learning look like next week?
Beginning Monday, April 6, teachers will begin to introduce new content through remote learning. Students will access remote learning activities the same way that Orientation assignments are shared.

  • If your student is in grades PK-4: You will receive an email by 8pm each evening detailing the learning for the following day and including any relevant links or resources. Teachers have been given the option of previewing all learning activities for the week on Monday, or sharing learning assignments on a day-to-day basis. Regardless of which method the teacher has chosen, you will receive an email each day at 8pm.
  • If your student is in grades 5-12: Remote learning activities will be posted in Schoology course pages. A weekly learning plan will be posted by 8pm each Sunday to allow students and families to plan for the upcoming week. Students will access learning plans for each course that they are currently enrolled in. Learning plans will be in a folder located at the top of each course materials page.

Where can I get more information about what to expect with Remote Learning?
Check out the Remote Learning page on our MCS COVID-19 Site for additional information about our Remote Learning Experience, including what types of learning activities to expect, how much time students will be expected to spend on remote learning assignments, how to get support, and step you can take to support your student.

Now that we know we won’t be back to school until at least May 1st, can I pick up some of my child’s things?
Since we now know that buildings will be closed through at least May 1, we are working on a plan to allow students to come back into schools and pick up items in an orderly way that still allows for social distancing. We hope to have something in place for next week.

How can we support our commUNITY?
#CometCarryout: This is a very crucial time for our local businesses, especially those in hospitality. Consider supporting our local businesses on this list. 

Participate in the Chamber’s MADE to Eat Takeout Blitz and see how many local restaurants you can support. In addition, donate to Joshua’s Place and choose “Comet Carryout” and you can bless a family in need with a meal from one of our local businesses.

Complete the 2020 Census: Local communities depend on information from the Census Bureau to fund programs that promote the well-being of families and children, as well as equal employment opportunities for you and your neighbors. If you have not already responded, please complete your United States Census Questionnaire at www.2020census.gov.

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We appreciate all that you are juggling. Give yourself grace!


Tracey Carson
Public Information Officer

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