3.30.20 „MCS COVID-19“ atnaujinimas

Miela Masono miesto mokyklų šeima,

Daugelis iš mūsų stengiamės įprasminti savo naują normalumą. Kaip atrandi (arba atrasti iš naujo!) ways to establish routines and connections, please consider sharing pictures or videos with us on Facebook and Twitter. We know our students are missing their teachers and classmates, and we love seeing you all!

Watch this video of Superintendent Jonathan Cooper sharing what our staff is doing during this time of Remote Learning, and watch to the end for a very important question posed by Mr. Cooper’s oldest son.

As of today at 2pm, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mason City Schools, ir 1,933 confirmed cases in Ohio. Below are responses to common questions from our families and the public.

When will we get to go back to school in person?

Šiandien, Gubernatorius Mike'as DeWine'as paskelbė, kad visi Ohajo K-12 mokyklos pastatai bus uždaryti bent iki gegužės 1 d. Šiuo metu, jūsų „Mason City School“ administratoriai, pedagogai ir darbuotojai ir toliau teiks pagrindines paslaugas mūsų studentams ir šeimoms – įskaitant maisto paskirstymą, nuotolinis mokymasis, and mental wellness support.

Nors nuotolinis mokymasis negali pakeisti mokinių patirties mokyklose su savo mokytojais, administratoriai ir pagalbinis personalas, padarysime viską, kad pasirengtume besimokantiesiems tolesnius jų švietimo kelionės žingsnius.

What’s happening to events and field trips scheduled for April?

All April events and field trips have been cancelled. Mason High School’s Prom, which was to be held on April 25th, is postponed for the time being. If a decision is made at a later date to cancel prom, students will be able to receive a refund for their prom ticket.

Are school counselors available during Remote Learning?

Yesour School Counselors are available to students in need during regular school hours on regularly scheduled school days. Families or students may call or email school counselors and will have the option to set up a virtual counseling session. If you have trouble getting in touch with a counselor or if you need more immediate assistance, you may also reach out to Mental Wellness Supervisor Nicole Pfirman at [email protected] or by phone at 513-315-6775.

My child missed picking up a Chromebook or it isn’t working. Can I still get one?

Beginning Tuesday, every day from 8:00AM-10AM and 12:00PM-2:00PM you may pick up or swap a Chromebook at the Mason Elementary entrance, 6307 Mason Montgomery Road. Only one person may enter the vestibule at a time, and we ask that everyone maintains social distancing.

We are running low on devices, so please only pick up a Chromebook if your family doesn’t have access to a computer in your home. Please remember, all of our resources are cloud-based and can be accessed from a personally owned device.

What is happening with state testing?

Last week, the Ohio legislature approved House Bill 197 kuris pašalino valstybinius testus, tokius kaip AIR testai ir vidurinės mokyklos baigimo egzaminai 2019-2020 school year. This coronavirus relief bill also allows members of the Class of 2020 baigti studijas, jei jie to siekia, and eliminates the Third Grade Reading Guarantee for this year’s third graders.

How can we support our commUNITY?

: Tai labai svarbus laikas mūsų vietos verslui, ypač svetingi. Apsvarstykite galimybę paremti mūsų vietinį verslą šiame sąraše.

Dalyvaukite „MADE to Eat Takeout Blitz“ rūmuose ir sužinokite, kiek vietinių restoranų galite paremti. Papildomai, paaukoti Joshua vietai ir pasirinkite „Comet Carryout“, ir jūs galite palaiminti šeimą, kuriai reikia pagalbos, vaišėmis iš vieno mūsų vietinio verslo.

School Supplies for Families in Need: Retired Mason teacher Gayle Ertel is the steward of three Little Libraries in Mason. Instead of books, for now the one on Tylersville Road (across from the Middle School) is filled with school supplies for anyone who needs them. Please use the same precautions you would use when picking up groceries or food through a drive-through if you are willing to drop off supplies, or when picking them up.

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Thanks for all that you are doing to support each other!


Tracey Carsonas
Public Information Officer

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