3.29.20 Aktualizacja COVID-19

Drogie rodziny Mason City Schools,

Mamy nadzieję, że podczas przerwy wiosennej związanej z COVID-19 Twojej rodzinie udało się znaleźć jakieś pozytywne elementy. Please give yourself grace, and know that your schools are here for you and we will get through thistogether.

Watch this video message from Superintendent Jonathan Cooper as he shares what our district’s transition to ongoing, remote learning experiences will look like this week.

Wczoraj o 14.00, nie ma potwierdzonych przypadków COVID-19 w Mason City Schools, i 1,406 potwierdzone przypadki w Ohio. Below are responses to common questions from our families and the public.

Why did the district initially focus on meeting students’ basic needs and supplemental learning?

Our first priority was to ensure that we had plans to feed the children in our schools facing food insecurity. We are grateful to our child nutrition staff and transportation staff who worked with community partners like Joshua’s Place and the Comet Cupboard to create seven student meal sites, including food support during Spring Break. Click here to find out how to get meals for your family if you are facing food insecurity.

It was also important to give our educators time to build meaningful Remote Learning Experiences and learn how to use new tools to support remote learning. Many teachers have previous experience with remote learning tools and some teachers will be trying out new techniques and technology solutions for the very first time. There will be some initial bumps, but remote instruction and supports will improve over time. Please be patient and remember that many teachers are also parents so they understand what you’re going through

What can my child and I do to prepare for remote learning?

Now is a great time to ensure that your child has access to a device such as a Chromebook or laptop and that your family has internet access. If you need assistance getting connected to either of these resources, please email [email protected]

Dodatkowo, taking the following steps will help to ensure your child can access resources when they are shared:

  • If your child is in grades PK-4, you will receive a daily email from your child’s teacher(s) at the address this email came to. Please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher if you prefer the email be sent to a different email address.
  • Jeśli twoje dziecko jest w klasach 5-12, please verify that he/she can log into Schoology.

Kiedy i jak moje dziecko zacznie otrzymywać zadania zdalnego uczenia się?

W tym tygodniu, MCS learners will engage in Remote Learning Experience Orientation assignments on Thursday and Friday. Assignments will be emailed or posted to Schoology the evening prior (środa) to allow families time to plan (na przykład, jeśli zabierają dzieci do opiekuna). 

As a result, MCS learners should be able to access their first assignment by this Wednesday, kwiecień 1 at 8pm. For students in PK-4, this assignment will be emailed to their parent/guardian. For students in grades 5-12, the assignment will be posted to Schoology.

Uwaga: Jeśli Twoje dziecko otrzyma podstawowe instrukcje akademickie w specjalistycznej klasie od specjalisty interwencyjnego, specjalista interwencji skontaktuje się z tobą bezpośrednio w celu opracowania indywidualnych planów realizacji lekcji. Additionally, intervention specialists have been and will continue to contact families to discuss plans for supporting content area instruction.

What are Remote Learning Experience Orientation assignments?

RLE Orientation assignments will engage students in content related to digital safety and etiquette while also reviewing key content and allowing time to practice new technologies. They are designed to test our systems and allow time to troubleshoot if students have trouble accessing them.

What should my child be doing between now and Thursday?

The MCS Learning Momentum site provides many quality educational resources curated by Mason educators. We encourage our students to explore these resources to maintain their learning momentum as we transition to a Remote Learning Experience. The site also includes a calendar of many live virtual events that your family may wish to explore! And, of course, spending time reading, writing and being active is always a good idea!

Jak możemy wesprzeć naszą społeczność?
#CometCarryout: To bardzo ważny czas dla naszych lokalnych firm, szczególnie ci z gościnnością. Rozważ wsparcie naszych lokalnych firm na tej liście.

Weź udział w MADE Izby, aby zjeść na wynos Blitz i zobaczyć, ile lokalnych restauracji możesz wesprzeć. Dodatkowo, przekaż darowiznę na Joshua's Place i wybierz „Comet Carryout” i możesz pobłogosławić potrzebującą rodzinę posiłkiem z jednego z naszych lokalnych przedsiębiorstw.

Make Homemade Facemasks: Warren County is asking crafty citizens to consider making homemade fabric face masks for a commUNITY-wide effort to stock our hospitals, long-term care facilities and first responders with this alternative face protection. We’ve already seen several Comets getting in on the #CraftersAgainstCOVID19 action, and would love to see your pictures!

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Wishing you a healthy week ahead.


Tracey Carson
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