3.20.20 MCS COVID-19更新


We are excited to share a new MCS Covid-19 mcshub specifically dedicated to Mason City Schools’ COVID-19 response, 资源, and updates. During Spring Break, we will not be providing daily communication, so feel encouraged to explore this site if you are missing our regular connections. As of yesterday at 3:30 下午, 梅森城的学校中没有确诊的COVID-19病例, 和 119 俄亥俄州确诊病例. Below are responses to common questions from our families and community.

这个视频 of Superintendent Jonathan Cooper sharing how the Cooper Family will be trying to unplug over Spring Break.

What should families be expecting after Spring Break (3.23.20-3.27.20) is over?

Here’s what our Remote Learning Plan looks like over the next few weeks.

游行 23-27Spring Break. No school is expected. You may use resources from the MCS学习动力网站 to add extended learning opportunities for your children.

游行 30 – 四月 3 Teachers continue planning and begin testing Remote Learning Experiences. Beginning Thursday, April 2nd, students will access remote learning tools by engaging with ungraded lessons that review or enrich previously taught content. This will help ensure everything is running smoothly before fully implementing new lessons.

四月 6 and beyondBased on information from state leaders and public health experts, we believe Ohio’s emergency order to close schools may be extended beyond April 5. 在这段时间, teachers and students will engage in new learning using our Remote Learning Experience model, with families offering support at home. This new learning is assessed and graded.

通过指定一天中的工作和休息时间来尝试保持一致的时间表. 查看 www.GoNoodle.com 对于小学生 (各种简短的视频来使人镇定和振奋). 中学生可以使用 在线资源 包括深呼吸和引导性放松练习, 正念和冥想练习, 和渐进式肌肉放松运动.

收听轻松的音乐,并在以下位置访问MCS Mindful音乐: citysilence.org/learn, 密码: mindfulmason

Have we heard any more about AP testing?

The College Board’s AP Program is finalizing streamlined AP Exam options that would allow students to test at home, depending on the situation in May. They are working to give every AP student the opportunity to claim the college credit they’ve earned. The AP Program will communicate the details of these additional solutions to educators and students by March 20. View more information about AP from the College Board.

I wanted to vote at the polls on March 17th. What should I do now?

All votes cast so far will be counted. You may still vote absentee. If you haven’t yet voted, request an absentee ballot, and mail it to 520 Justice Dr., 黎巴嫩, OH 45036.

Donate blood: Help save lives by giving blood. We are in the midst of a national blood shortage brought on by the outbreak of COVID19. Hoxworth Blood Center needs all eligible blood donors to schedule a donation at your earliest convenience. As a reminder, blood donation is a safe, sterile process and there is no risk of contracting the virus by donating blood.

有需要的家庭: 如果您想帮助需要帮助的家庭, 考虑捐赠给 约书亚的地方 或彗星橱柜. Mason parents can financially contribute at www.spsezpay.com/Mason/login.aspx. 在彗星橱柜ME / MI的活动下查看. 如果您没有EZPay帐户, 您可以邮寄捐款给梅森市学校–彗星橱柜, 211 ñ. 东街, 石匠, 俄亥俄 45040.




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