3.19.2020 MCS COVID-19 Güncellemesi

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Watch this encouraging video message from Superintendent Jonathan Cooper as he shares what our new COVID-19 reality looks like for the Cooper Family, and how we can all stay connected and support each other during this time.

Dün itibariyle 14: 00'da, Mason City Okullarında teyit edilmiş COVID-19 vakası yoktur, ve 88 Ohio'da teyit edilmiş vakalar. Aşağıda ailelerimizden ve halktan sık sorulan sorular, and our responses.
Are students and staff working next week during the previously scheduled spring break?

Mason City Schools will continue with our scheduled spring break from Monday, Mart 23, 2020 through Friday, Mart 27, 2020. All buildings, including the Central Office, will be closed to staff and the public. Families and students may continue to use the Learning Momentum site to maintain learning momentum as we begin the transition to a more formal Remote Learning Experience.

Here is the Ohio Department of Health’s recommendations and guidance for Spring Break and Student Travel.

I borrowed a Chromebook from the district. How do I register it?

If you picked up a Chromebook from the district recently due to the COVID-19 event and have not yet registered your device, please fill out this form. This helps us with our inventory, and to support you if you have technology issues in the future.

My child wants to be with friends. Should we have play dates?

Public health officials are urging parents to avoid having anyone from outside the family in their own home. And although the government’s recommendation allows for gatherings of fewer than 10 people, it’s simply not a viable option for most children to conform to the CDC’s six-foot rule for social distancing. Consider other ways to connect by having virtual playdates.

Do try to have your children go outside every day. They need to avoid getting too close to other people, but that doesn’t mean families can’t visit parks or take a walk in the neighborhood. Avoid playground equipment since the virus can remain on surfaces for many hours, but kicking around a ball or playing with their own toys outside is fine.

My high school student is very concerned about potentially missing Prom or graduation. Will we try to come up with something creative?

Yes. We recognize how important these milestones are for our Mason High School students. While we don’t yet have the answers for how these events will take place, we are committed to doing our best to come up with creative solutions.

How can we support our community?
#CometCarryOut: Bu, yerel işletmelerimiz için çok önemli bir zamandır, özellikle misafirperverlik. Yerel işletmelerimizi desteklemeyi düşünün Bu listede.

Oda'nın Yemeğe Hazır Blitz yemek için MADE'ye katılın ve kaç yerel restoranı destekleyebileceğinizi görün.

Families in Need: If you would like to help support families in need, consider donating to Joshua’s Place or to Comet Cupboard. Mason parents can financially contribute at www.spsezpay.com/Mason/login.aspx. Look under Activities for Comet Cupboard ME/MI. If you do not have an EZPay account, you can mail contributions to Mason City Schools – Comet Cupboard, 211 N. East Street, Mason, Ohio 45040.

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