COVID-19 Svakodnevno ažuriranje

3.18.2020: Ažuriranje MCS COVID-19

Poštovana obitelj Mason City Schools,

Danas, naš odjel za prehranu djece i odjel prijevoza isporučuju hranu obiteljima kojima je to potrebno. Our Learning Experience Team is continuing to add resources to the Learning Momentum Site, and teachers are learning and preparing for the next phase of our Remote Learning Plan.

Od jučer u 14 sati, nema potvrđenih slučajeva COVID-19 u Mason City Schools, i 67 potvrđeni slučajevi u Ohiju. Ispod su česta pitanja naših obitelji i javnosti, and our responses.

Što se događa ako nisam mogao preuzeti uređaj za svoje dijete?

Ako vaše dijete još uvijek nema pristup uređaju, we will have one more opportunity to pick up today at Mason Intermediate School from 1-2pm and 5-6pm. We are running low on devices, so please only pick up a Chromebook if your family doesn’t have access to a computer in your home. Please remember, all of our resources are cloud-based and can be accessed from a personally owned device.

My child left things in their locker/at school? Can I get them?

Not today. We are working on a plan that is safe and in alignment with state public health officials’ orders.

Why are the school’s outdoor facilities now closed to the public?
We know how important it is for our kids to be outside. However, we had large groups of students congregating on the football and soccer fields, and not practicing recommended social distancing. Consequently, we have now closed Mason City Schools buildings and outdoor facilities to the public in alignment with state public health officials’ orders.

What about registration for new students this school year, or next year’s kindergartners?
We are developing an online solution for those who have not yet participated in kindergarten registration. U Dodatku, if you have neighbors who just moved into Mason, let them know that while we are not able to register at this time, we will have a plan in the coming weeks.

What about students receiving home instruction?
Mason has students who receive home instruction for various reasons. During this COVID-19 event, they will receive their instruction in the same remote learning environment as their classmates in order to protect their health and the health of others.

How can we support our community?
Restaurants: We have so many wonderful local restaurants and watering holes who are being impacted by the COVID-19 emergency order. Show them some love by considering take-out for your family, and buying gift cards. Let’s help keep our businesses thriving! Visit this MADE Chamber Facebook page especially created to promote local establishments who have shifted their business model for take-out.

Senior Living Homes: Our neighbors living in senior citizen centers are now not allowed to have any visitors as part of the COVID-19 emergency order. We would love for some of our students and families to consider making encouraging signs and cards for these important members of our community. Here is an example!

Thank you for all the creative ways you are building and maintaining community in this challenging time.

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