Дневно ажурирање COVID-19

3.15.2020: Ажурирање на MCS COVID-19

За време на овој настан што брзо се развива COVID-19, ги следивме упатствата на нашите партнери во јавното здравство. In light of Governor Mike DeWine’s request that all citizens practice measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, it is now time for the district to act swiftly. With that in mind, we do not want to lose sight of supporting our students during this time.

There are two parts to this answer.

Students who may be facing food insecurity can still access meals from the Child Nutrition Department during the time that our buildings are closed.

Our Child Nutrition Department is working closely with our Transportation Department and support staff to plan for grab and go meals on a regular basis. Students will receive both breakfast and lunch meals. See the schedule below. It is suggested, but not required, that families call 229-4444 to pre-order meals for either of the methods of service listed below. Families may specify the days they wish to receive meals and the number of meals per day. This will help the Child Nutrition Department to minimize the overproduction of packed breakfast and lunch meals. At the pick up location, Child Nutrition staff will need either the student ID number or the student name.

DayDateMethod of ServiceTime
M, Tмарт 16 и 17Pick up at Mason Intermediate Circle (Front Office)11:30 AM to 1:00 Премиерот
W, Rмарт 18 и 19Pick up meals at the neighborhood drop site*11:30 AM to 12:15 Премиерот
Fмарт 20No MCS serviceSpring BreakSee #2 belowCommunity Support
MFмарт 23-27No MCS serviceSpring BreakSee #2 belowCommunity Support
M -Fмарт 30 – Април 3Pick up meals at the neighborhood drop site*11:30 AM to 12:15 Премиерот

*Neighborhood Drop sites

  • Западен паркинг паркинг ред, 755 Западен ред Rd
  • Mason Heights Annex, 200 Northcrest Dr
  • Мејсон среден (see above), 6307 Мејсон Монтгомери Rd
  • Центар за рано детство на Мејсон, 4631 Hickory Woods Dr
  • Mason Central Front Parking Lot, 211 North East Street
  • Св. Винсент ДеПол, 1065 Читање на Rd
  • Walmart, 5303 Bowen Dr

If none of these locations are convenient, feel free to come to Mason Intermediate from 11:30 AM to 1:00 daily.

Our community partners are also delivering donated food and other life supplies to families in need.

We are grateful for our partnership with Joshua’s Place, whose volunteers are collecting, packaging and distributing Student Meal Kits and other items to Warren County families in need. Contact Molly Schmidt, District Resource Coordinator K-12 at [email protected]

What community resources will be available for families to access?

  • Шпајлер за храна Мејсон

406 4та авенија, Мејсон, Ох 513-229-3191 Часови: Пон 6:30-7:30 Премиерот, Среда 9:30-11:00 АМ, Сабота 9:30-11:00 АМ

  • Центарот Шух на Св. Сузана

616 Читање на патот, Мејсон, Ох 513-398-3821

Часови: Вторник 9:00-10:15 АМ, Среда 9:00-10:15 АМ, Пе 9:00-10:15 АМ

  • Св. Vincent De Paul – Обезбедува поддршка со разновидна финансиска помош
    616 Читање на патот, Мејсон, Ох

513-398-3821 лок. 3500

  • ВЕРА Министерства – Може да помогне со картичка за подароци за гас / намирници за семејства кои добиваат предности на СНАП, помош со изнајмување / комунални услуги со известување за иселување или исклучување
    6315 С.. Патот Мејсон Монтгомери, Мејсон Ох

513-459-8509 или прошетка по часови во четврток 1-3 Премиерот

  • Одделот за човечки услуги во округот Ворен – Дава финансиска помош, медицински, храна, и помош за згрижување деца

416 С.. Источна улица, Либан, Ох

513-261-1420 или https://www.co.warren.oh.us/HumanServices/

  • Warren County Health District –   Обезбедува достапни клиники, вакцинации, и здравствени информации
    416 С.. Источна улица, Либан, Ох

513-695-1228 или http://warrenchd.com/

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